Pilates for Cancer Recovery

Pilates for cancer recovery is a gentle form of exercise that engages the mind, body, and spirit!  Pilates will help improve flexibility, muscle tone, and one’s posture.   Gentle Pilates also promotes lymphatic, respiratory, and circulatory function.  Pilates exercises can be performed sitting, lying down, or standing and for these reasons, it is an excellent approach to healing for cancer survivors.  All sessions will be taught by a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist.

All clients must have a physician release before participating and all sessions must be signed up for in advance.  Our group equipment classes are small, no more than 6 participants so that each person can receive individualized attention.  Due to the small class size, we don’t allow drop-ins.  All group classes are 55-minutes long.  Privates and Semi-Privates are 55-minutes or 30-minutes.

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