After your Introductory Session, all subsequent sessions must be purchased through packages.  To receive the most benefits of a Pilates program, you must have consistency.  Taking a Pilates session every once in a while is truly a waste of your time and money.  Pilates is not a quick fix, but with a structured program built over time, will produce optimal results. Joseph Pilates coined the phrase, “In 10 sessions you’ll start to feel a difference, in 20 sessions you’ll start to see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.” We want your commitment to a new body and feel this can only be obtained when you’re committed in the long run.  Our ultimate goal is for you to succeed and will provide the tools to help you achieve your goals! All sessions are 55-minutes long.

10 Sessions $250
5 Sessions $140
Single Session $30
DUOS (Price per person)
10 Sessions $450
5 Sessions $240
Single Session $50
10 Sessions $700
5 Sessions $365
Single Session $75
Single Session $40
10-Sessions $350
5-Sessions $190
Single Session $40

PLEASE NOTE: All 10-pack sessions expire in 90 days. All 5-packs expire in 45 days. The Introductory Session rate of $40 only applies to those clients that will be purchasing a package of sessions (private, semi-private, or group classes). We also sell Gift Cards in any amount. Please contact us for details.

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