Class Schedule

LEVEL 1 – (Gentle Pilates)

A gentle, restorative class for beginners who are tentative to exercise due to chronic pain or injury. Perfect for those going through cancer treatment, those with osteoporosis, and any inactive individual looking to strengthen their body with a gentle workout.


This level class is appropriate for those who are new to Pilates with limited injuries or those individuals who have had some prior experience. Ideal for those who are a little apprehensive about their ability to exercise or do Pilates due to injury, pain, cancer treatment recovery, or anyone who desires a more gentle or restorative movement experience.


You will be with others that have a variety of Pilates experience, and variations/modifications will be taught for each level. Beginners welcome with no injuries. You’ll learn new exercises that will give you strength and flexibility with a focus on over/underused parts of your body!


This level class starts to add more challenging exercises with modifications made when necessary. We’ll keep you moving in creative, fun ways that will empower you with strength, control, and improved body awareness! We add a variety of props and varied workouts that will alleviate any boredom you’ve had with previous types of exercise programs!


This is a highly challenging class that is open for those individuals with prior Pilates experience and NO injuries. This class moves faster than the other level classes for an excellent all-around workout! You’ll discover body strength you didn’t even know you had!


This highly challenging class will continue where Level 3 lets off. You’ll be expected to know the Classical Pilates repertoire with exercise names, settings, and transitions.


Join us for an online mat class from the comfort of your home!  We offer modifications, as well as challenges, using small props (light weights, stretchy bands, small soft ball).


PLEASE NOTE: We don’t offer online sign-ups for equipment classes, only mat classes. We prefer to meet with every new client first to determine which class level is appropriate and to safely show how the equipment works. Blindly signing up for a class online puts the client at risk for injury. NW Core Balance has a reputation for operating a safe studio and we take every step to ensure that each client, new or existing, will be given a safe and supportive workout.


We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cannot make your reserved session, you must cancel at least 24-hours in advance or you will be charged the full amount. This is a courtesy to both the instructor and to the other clients who might want to schedule a session at that time.