No! In fact, most people starting out have never tried Pilates before or their experience might be limited to a video or a large group mat class at a health club. Pilates is a very gentle form of exercise but after consistent practice, this type of exercise can also be quite challenging. You move entirely at your own pace!

For the best results, one should practice Pilates 2-3x per week. We understand not everyone is able to come to the studio that often so we will be happy to set you up on a home Pilates program.

Unfortunately not. We meet with each client first for an hour-long assessment/evaluation and to familiarize that client with the equipment before placing them into a class.

You should wear comfortable clothing for your Pilates session. Your attire should not be too tight where your movements are restricted and nothing too baggy where your clothing will get in the way. NO LOOSE SHORTS PLEASE. Socks are optional, but must be non-skid.

We also ask that you don’t wear any belts or jewelry as the metal can cause tears in the equipment.

Our insurance does not provide coverage for children under the age of 10 to be present in the studio while you’re attending your Pilates session. Please make prior childcare arrangements.

You may park anywhere in the front or back of the building, including street parking.

All sessions are 55 minutes long. Also, please refrain from wearing any perfume or scented lotion due to allergy concerns of our clients. And finally—no cell phones! Please silence your cell phone upon entering the studio. This is YOUR time—relax and enjoy yourself!

As long as you give us at least 24-hours notice, then you won’t be charged.

Payment is due at the time of your session. We accept cash, checks, MC, Visa, Discover or Amex.