Getting Started

New To Pilates, Or New To Our Studio?

We’re here to help you find your best body—one that feels strong, mobile, full of energy, and free of pain. And we do it in a way that is fun, inspiring, and will make you feel great about yourself, on the inside and out!

We always initially meet one-on-one with every potential client, whether you’ve done Pilates before or not. We want to create a positive and safe experience from the moment you walk into the door!

Path to Your Pilates

1) Schedule your private introductory session for $59. We’ll identify your needs, teach you some basics, and create a positive and safe experience from the moment you walk through the door!

2) After your introductory session, you will continue with either a 3-pack of introductory group classes ($75), or a 3-pack of introductory private sessions ($195). If you prefer a little bit more one-on-one time, then private sessions is recommended. If you’re injury-free and ready to jump into classes, then the introductory group class pack is for you!

3) After your 3-pack of introductory sessions, (privates, or group classes), then you’re ready for group equipment classes. Of course, you can always continue with private sessions if you prefer that one-on-one time.

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getting started
getting started